Not Only Did the Alzheimer's Team Receive Highest Honors at the XPRIZE Visioneers Summit...

Dear Partners and Supporters of the We Won’t Wait Campaign,
We are thrilled to announce that the Alzheimer’s team received highest honors at annual XPrize Visioneers Summit.
The Alzheimer’s XPRIZE will harness the power of global crowdsourcing to find a new approach to diagnosing, treating, curing and preventing this disease.

Ken Dychtwald (Founder of AgeWave) and George Vradenburg (Chairman of UsAgainstAlzheimer’s and of the GAP Foundation) serve as the co-leads of the Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Team. John Dwyer (President of the GAP Foundation) and Meryl Comer (President of the Geoffrey Beene Foundaton-Alzheimer’s Initiative), both UsAgainstAlzheimer’s (UsA2) board members were members of the Alzheimer’s BrainTrust which funded this initiative. And Greg O’Brien, also a UsA2 board member, and Lisa Genova (Harvard-trained neurologist and best-selling author of ‘Still Alice’) played pivotal presentation roles in the Visioneers Summit.
Not only did the Alzheimer’s team receive highest honors, they collected $25 million in the process. 
Ric and Jean Edelman, founders of Edelman Financial Services and founding sponsors of the Alzheimer’s team, proudly announced at the Visioneers Summit their offer to provide $25 million in funding to support the XPRIZE competition focusing on Alzheimer’s. “Jean and I are honored to offer vital funding. We have seen first-hand the devastating impact of this dreadful disease on so many of our firm's clients, and we are thrilled to support the XPRIZE Foundation and the Alzheimer's Visioneers Team so we can finally eradicate Alzheimer’s Disease,” Ric Edelman explained.

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  • Thank you @ricedelman for committing $25M to the @XPrize #Alzheimers team. Hard to describe this feeling of gratitude.
  • #Alz team receives highest honors at @XPrize Summit + $25M to pursue innovative research @UsAgainstAlz @vradenburg3
  • #Alzheimers @XPrize team received highest honors + $25M at #VisioneersSummit @UsAgainstAlz @AgeWave @Vradenburg3
  • What would you do with $25 MILLION? The XPRIZE Alzheimer’s team has an idea and it involves innovative global crowdsourcing to predict the progression of Alzheimer's and ultimately prevent the disease. I’m so grateful to Ric and Jean Edelman for their generous contribution to the talented team that received highest honors at this year’s Visioneers Summit.

We can't wait to see what's in store for the all-star team and hope you will continue to follow along on their journey.


All of us at WomenAgainstAlzheimer's