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WomenAgainstAlzheimer’s Launches Its Bold We Won’t Wait Campaign


Be Passionate.

As a member of the UsAgainstAlzheimer’s Network, WomenAgainstAlzheimer’s unites women across the globe to find a cure for Alzheimer’s. 


Our growing network of women is impatient with the slow progress being made in the Alzheimer’s fight. Driven by our passion, we are committed to ending current “business-as-usual” approaches to funding, research and advocacy, bringing Alzheimer’s out of the shadows and into the spotlight. Because women won’t wait. 


WomenAgainstAlzheimer’s is launching its movement-building We Won’t Wait campaign.


It is the first-ever widespread effort to define Alzheimer’s as the 21st Century’s primary economic justice issue and health crisis for women. We are collaborating with private sector companies that reach women, advocacy organizations in health, women’s rights and business, and our highly influential leadership circle of women to disrupt the conversations about this disease.  It is time for the issue of Alzheimer’s and women to be part of conversations in our board room, in our living room, and in our community. We are fighting for policies that increase Alzheimer’s research funding across the board, with a specific focus on sex-based research, economic justice for patients and the caregivers that support them, improved access to diagnosis and treatment, and greater promotion of brain health initiatives. We distribute white papers, host expert convenings and direct advocacy with policy makers and private sector leaders.


Be Bold.

We will stop Alzheimer’s with advocacy, education, and action focused on five key pillars:


Public Funding

Multiply the amount of public funding for Alzheimer’s research.


Sex-Based Research

Demand that sex-based studies are a research priority.


Economic Justice

Overhaul social support, medical, and workplace systems to alleviate the economic injustice of Alzheimer’s.


Diagnosis and Treatment

Improve families’ access to diagnosis, treatment, and clinical trials.


Brain Health

Promote risk reduction strategies and ideas for living well with Alzheimer’s.


"We are a disruptive coalition of women, joined by our commitment to ending Alzheimer’s, and we won't wait."

- Jill Lesser, President, WomenAgainstAlzheimer's


Be Committed.


Our vision is to ignite a movement and mobilize women to boldly raise their voices against Alzheimer’s.


Together, we will educate women everywhere about the need to stop Alzheimer’s disease before it impacts our daughters and future generations.


We invite organizations and individuals to join our fight.


Are You Bold, PassionaTe, And Committed?

Join us and help find a cure for Alzheimer's.


Why Women?

Women are disproportionally impacted by Alzheimer’s Disease. 


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